Thursday, 13 March 2014

Loch Long/Eilean Donan Castle - Aug-Sept 2013

View from the mark to Eilean Donan Castle
My job affords me little windows of opportunity to fish up and down the country and one of the best is opposite the village of Dornie on the shore/bank of Loch Long.

Fishing from the jetty where the old ferry used to dock gives a splendid view back east towards Eilean Donan castle, reputedly the most photographed castle in the world and Loch Duich beyond.

Eilean Donan castle sits at the junction of three sea loch's. Arriving from the north is Loch Long which meets Loch Duich coming from the east. The inner sea to the west of this 'junction' is Loch Alsh.

Being sea loch's, as the tide recedes, Loch Long flows like a river under the Dornie Bridge and on into Loch Alsh. At other times of the tide it can be fairly stable.
Endearingly up for it - Long Spined Sea Scorpion

I've heard that the locals are well versed in when to catch migratory Salmon or Sea Trout, but my ambitions don't reach that far just yet.

With my sessions limited to short 20-30 minute bursts, I've been travelling light with jigheads and Isome.

My first success was with some small Coalfish and a Pollock. These fish seem to be prevalent wherever you fish on the coast.

The water has been very clear so watching the lure on the retrieve always pays off. But there are large clumps of weed that require a bit of navigating at times, especially if the current is dragging.
Dornie Bridge - Eilean Donan just out of shot to the right

I often explore close in, in the slack water, sight fishing between the weed and bouncing the small piece of Isome over any clear patches of sea bed. Often there is enough interest from various small fish, but too often intent on bashing the lure rather than biting it.

On one of these occasions I was dangling the Isome down the wall of the jetty seeing if anything was patrolling when a typically aggressive Long Spined Sea Scorpion attacked with gusto. So using basic tactics in a fairly short time this mark provides a variety of species, albeit on the small side, but with loads of potential for the odd bigger surprise.

Fishing aside, an absolutely fantastic spot to pass some time!!!


  1. Think that might be a short spined sea scorpion mate. You got any more photos?

  2. Just came across your blog having just returned to fishing. Really enjoyed your adventures. Why not resurrect it?