Wednesday, 18 January 2012

18/01/2012 - Pumpherston Pond

Not the kind of fish I was after, good value though
Time - 14.45 - 16.15
Water - Quite clear
Where - Golf course bank
Weather - 7 degrees or so, OK, a bit of a breeze
Method - Beard of maggots under a float
Total - 0 (zero)

Itching to get off the mark for the year and with a limited window of time (snow forecast tomorrow) I opted for Pumphy Pond instead of Eliburn . Usually a Perch or two will greedily oblige. However nothing at all was forthcoming, not even a bite or a sighting. At least I was able to distribute the maggots I'd bought for last weeks aborted Eliburn venture (hungover).

The golf course is using its winter greens so I was able to fish round the lip of the 16th green. There was a lot less weed about than in November, but still a bit about to inhibit proceedings now and again.

A victim of the recent gales
I took my rake for the first time, anticipating a similar weedfest to the last time and having to 'rake a swim', however it wasn't really necessary. I did manage to rake out, ironically enough, another rake. Obviously chucked into the pond by a local rapscallion who'd half-inched it from a bunker on the golf course. A couple of greenkeepers were re-laying the approach to the 16th, so I was able to trade it for some brownie points. I later also extracted a 'tee peg', the ones they plant on a tee to denote medal/female etc and boosted my brownie point account still further.