Monday, 18 June 2012


Union Canal at Sighthill - June 2012
Lack of blogs don't equate to lack of fishing. Fell behind with a post or two and haven't got round to updating since.

April into May still mostly mepp on the Esk with best being a return of 13 fish up the Penicuik Estate with the biggest at 10". Once into May the levels were getting back down to normal and I switched to fly covering the Esk at Roslin Glen 2 or 3 times. The fish have generally been fit and strong. A couple of other expeditions on the Almond and Lyne have brought fish from 4" - 15.5". Start of May the black spider was doing ok, then faded as the usual suspects like Wickhams, Greenwells and GRHE nymph have done their usual slaying.

I've had a couple of stabs at the canal too solely with maggot, firstly at Sighthill (see pic) where the water was a bit too cloudy. Seen a small fish and an injured roach of about 7". Then another session at the rowing club near Harrison Park. I blanked both times although my (fishing) partner has beaten me 1-0 the last three times out.

The rain at the weekend boosted levels above any feasible fishing, although as I type, they're falling back nicely and I can't wait to get out and wet a mepp.

Normal service resuming shortly I hope.